Where are the Single Men?

I recently met a friend for drinks. We started talking about our love lives and she asked, “Where are all the men?” I replied (as I looked around a restaurant full of people), “Seriously, they’re everywhere.”
I have a neighbor who is single. She’s beautiful, 35 years old, no kids, and makes a great living in DC. I found out that she left town for the summer since there are “no quality men in DC”. She packed up her dog and is staying with friends in Seattle, Washington.
Seems a bit drastic, no? Maybe not. Consider this article on The Awl.
So, where am I getting my statistics for these ratios of single men to women? I found this great interactive singles map for the U.S. The map alllows you to adjust the age of single men and women, showing population densities in the U.S.
Based on a singles population age range of 25 – 49 year olds, the top 10 best cities for women to meet an eligible bachelor are (drum roll please):
1. San Diego (59/1)
2. San Jose (58/1)
3. Bakersfield, CA (54/1)
4. Anaheim (52/1)
5. Beverly Hills (51/1)
6. Riverside  (48/1)
7. Oakland (47/1)
8. Stockton (47/1)
9. Irvine (43/1)
10. Harlem  (39/1)
Below is the visual for this age range. The blue dots represent men and the red dots represent females.
As you will note, there appears to be an imbalance of eligible females in this age range in the U.S. It appears North Carolina is where the men need to go to increase their odds.
And, one could surmise, there are very few singles in the midwest. So, don’t take that job offer in Kansas City if you are single and looking!
Oh, and my friend who is taking a hiatus in Seattle…smart move. For singles 35 to 40 years of age, there are 21 single men to every 1 woman in Seattle. In DC, you are competing with 7 women for every guy. (One more reason to wear a SingleTee, stand out from the competition!)

I don’t look back on anyone and think, “That’s the one who got away.” It’s sometimes annoying to be The Last Single One, but I figure it’s better to be alone than in a bad marriage. I’ll live. i can say with all honesty that the main reason why I want to find someone whom I want to marry and who wants to marry me is because I absolutely do not want to die alone in a bed, and so I would like to have children to be there with me. And I do not want to raise children on my own. My mother’s sister had my mother with her when she died and i know that my mother was the only person she wanted with her when she died and I am so fucking happy my mother was there. And I also know that I do not have that relationship with my brother and so I need to find that for myself.
Ladies, head west!